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Divorce Testimonial:
"Mr. Triantis handled my Divorce in a professional manner and kept in constant contact with me to make sure I was up to date with the status of my divorce.  In the early stages of the case, I was willing to accept a low settlement from my wife.  Mr. Triantis suggested I ask for more money and by the end of the case, Mr. Triantis was able to get me a substantially higher settlement with my wife.  I appreciate his hard work and diligence." 

Divorce Testimonial:
"Mr. Triantis and Mr. Tabaku jointly handled my divorce from my husband.  My Husband refused to adequately support me and my family. Mr. Triantis and Mr. Tabaku were able to uncover my husband's actual income, which ultimately got me more money for alimony and child support.  Without their assistance, I don't know how my children and I would have been able to live."

DUI/DWI Testimonial:
"Mr. Tabaku was able to convince a judge that I was not guilty of the DUI and DWI charges.  I was prepared to plead guilty to the charges and Mr. Tabaku convinced me that I had a good chance of being found not guilty. I'm so glad I listened to him. At trial Mr. Tabaku cross-examined the police officer and was able to reveal inconsistencies between the officer's written police report and the in-car video of my pull-over. Mr. Tabaku saved me points on my license and expensive fines. "

DUI/DWI Testimonial:
"Mr. Triantis represented me in my THIRD DUI.  Because this was my third offense, I faced up to 3 years in jail and a fine up to $3,000.  Mr. Triantis  negotiated with the State's attorney getting me the best possible results. Mr. Triantis was always available to take my call and answered all my questions as I was nervous during that period of time. I would highly reccomend Mr. Triantis to anybody who is facing a DUI/DWI charge. "

Auto Accident Testimonial:
"After I was involved in an bad can accident the other driver's insurance company offered me pennies to go away.  I immediately looked for a lawyer to help me and a friend suggested I call Florian.  He understood the situation I was in and what was needed to get me back to where I needed to be.  Florian demanded more money for me from the insurance company and he was able to get me much more than they originally offered.  I thank my friend for referring me to Florian and I thank Florian for doing what he did for me."

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